Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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I am getting a blank page on ionic serve?

Use ionic serve --port 8080 while working on the browser

$ ionic serve --port

I am getting blank white screen after splash and taking more time to load?

Debug apk takes time to load on some Android devices. while this is normal for debugging apk. Build --prod to load app faster.

$ ionic cordova build android --prod
$ ionic cordova build iOS --prod

Login and Register is not working on the browser?

This feature may not work on the browser. Try on a real device

How to change icon and splash screen?

Replace your icon (1024x1024 px png) and splash (2732x2732 px png, Graphics in center of 1024 sq px) in src/resources folder. Use the following command to generate icon and splash screen

$ ionic cordova resources

How to change the logo and other images?

Replace your logo and other images in src/assets/images/

How to change the theme, colors?

Just edit src/variables.scss file. There are few color variable, $header-color, $button-color etc

I am getting ionic-app-scripts error

If you get error like node_modules\.bin\ionic-app-scripts' is not recognized as an internal or external command

Try run this command

npm install @ionic/app-scripts@latest --save-dev

If you have an issue still. Please feel free to contact me with issue details, URL and keys Or send me a mail with details of the issue and your purchase code