We also offer customization

We also offer following customization

  1. Multi vendor - WooCommerce product vendor, WC Vendors, Dukhan etc

  2. WordPress Multi Site as Multi store mobile app

Multi Vendor App

This Supports WooCommerce Product Vendor Plugin -

  • User can login as vendor and see their reports like sales, orders, products etc

  • Vendor can upload new product, images

  • Vendor can edit their products

  • Shop by store (vendor) feature

  • Displaying sold by on products and product page

Reward Points

This support WooCommerce Points and Rewards -

  • Displaying reward points for products

  • Displaying user accumulated reward points

Product Add-Ons

This supports Product Add-Ons -

  • User can select product add-ons when they add products to the cart


This Supports WooCommerce product booking plugin -

WordPress Multi Site as Multi store mobile app

  • Supports Wordpress multisites as multistore app